Navigating the SUMMA Documentation

The SUMMA documentation remains a work in progress. It can be navigated online on using the navigation panel to the left.

If you are new to SUMMA, start with the section on Installation and make sure that you can run the SUMMA test suite. After that, it will depend on what you want to do. The Development section is mostly of interest if you want to contribute to the SUMMA source code. Model users will want to read through the Configuration and Input/Output sections to understand how to configure SUMMA for there own applications.

Contributing to SUMMA Documentation

SUMMA documentation is hosted on, written in Markdown and built using MkDocs. If you want to contribute to the documentation, you can do so by forking the SUMMA repository, creating a branch for your changes and editing the documentation files in the docs directory in the SUMMA repo. You may need to add mkdocs.yml in the top level SUMMA directory to ensure that your page shows up in the right place.

You need to install MkDocs locally, so that you can make sure that your edits show up correctly before you make a pull request to the NCAR SUMMA repo. If you are new to Git, please review the SUMMA and Git and SUMMA Git Workflow pages. We will only accept documentation updates via a pull request.